Rapidly changing technologies, budget pressures, and expanding project portfolios present real challenges for IT organizations.

Amick Brown can help you respond more efficiently and productively to these challenges with managed solutions that provide robust operational support.

We focus on flexibility, cost savings, optimization, and continuous improvement—balancing all of these priorities in the solution that works best for your organization.

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Why consider Amick Brown for your managed solutions provider?

  • We speak both business and IT, so we can translate your business needs into a technology implementation that is business-success-oriented.

  • Our specialty is delivering complex BI solutions supporting a large user-base of diverse users. We provide a scaled-up solution that performs just the way you need.

  • We prioritize efficiency and implementation done right the first time. For this, we rely on a lean staffing model that utilizes our highly skilled experts.

  • You can count on us to work through issues until they are resolved, regardless of the source of the problem. We will not you leave you with unresolved problems.

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