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Large Energy Company move to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A large energy company had plans to increase its presence in Europe and Asia but had a barrier to entry because of datacenter costs (CAPEX).  System utilization was less than 10%.  Most of the utilization was towards the end of the month when energy reports were being generated and distributed to all customers which caused system issues affecting customers and impacting credibility.


Comprehensive Data Warehouse and Secure Data Access for Large Telecommunications Company.

Large companies have a problem with their data management that is inherent to their size. They organically fragment their working business units to smaller manageable pieces. By and large, this is a good strategy for any large system. However, it brings about its own set of challenges, especially in data management.

Building an enterprise data warehouse was obviously the solution. But the biggest challenge wass provisioning all the silo-ed user base with access to the right data from the central repository


Comprehensive BI Solution For Manufacturing and Retail Company

A large manufacturing and retail company realized that they were losing their competitive edge due to a cumbersome and disorganized workflow on their HR Reporting and Analytics set up. Their current workflow included inefficient methodologies and outdated, if not outright inaccurate reporting. They wanted to upgrade their Analytics to be efficient, accurate, timely and effective.


Complete Financial Closing, Consolidation, Planning and Analytics Solution

A mid-sized technology company in Southern California specializing in healthcare management software solutions had a problem with effective reporting off their financial systems. They were unable to complete their periodic financial closing on time and their finance department was spending hours and hours on manual data processing to generate the required reports and analytics.


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