Though we expect to find DevOps interest and success firmly rooted in startups and small to medium-sized businesses, there is a surprisingly higher level of DevOps interest, adoption, and success from large business and enterprises.

Modern applications are a major source of analytics data, which is valuable data that can feed into product design.

The top business priorities of improved customer experience, increased revenue and reduced costs translate into reducing IT costs via automation, increasing customer feedback on product design via agile processes and faster product launches with devops and CI/CD.


  • We treat the system as a whole but with a loosely coupled architecture so that we have the ability to make small changes on a continuous basis.

  • We use DevOps tools like Ansible, Chef and Puppet

  • We version all changes

  • We run scripted automated tests with every change to any part of the software system

  • We introduce faster feedback loops to reduce MTTR

  • We use the same toolchain throughout the system to deliver software to all environments from dev to prod which ensures consistent state and eliminates variance

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