Your ability to compete successfully in volatile world markets depends on how well you synchronize supply and demand.

Not only must your supply chain be as accurate as possible when it comes to demand, but it must also play its role in ensuring customer satisfaction while supporting order, product and execution tracking.

We know SAP SCM is powerful.  Amick Brown brings perspective, technology and process to the table so that you can begin to manage the seemingly uncontrollable Supply Chain factors that affect your bottom line.

Predictive Analytics and Risk reduction in Supply Chain are two key areas which have created cost reduction for our clients.

Will you be next?

Our SCM Consulting Solutions

Through our extensive range of consulting solutions and services, we help:

  • Create innovative and efficient warehouse and transportation processes with SAP WM and SAP eWM

  • Optimize stock with SAP ERP and SAP SCM

  • Plan optimization with SAP ERP and SAP SCM

  • Conduct performance and stress tests

  • Implement SAP projects

    • Initiate, implement, and manage projects by providing consulting (including milestone and cutover planning)
    • Architect and implement processes
    • Analyze processes
    • Manage functional issues(for example, through customizing, testing, user training, go-live support)
    • Handle technical issues (for example, set up interfaces to subsystems)

We speak both business and IT

We translate your business needs into a technology implementation that is business-success-oriented. More, our team can pinpoint the heart of the challenges with you – it is often something different that seems apparent. Let us help you respond more efficiently and productively to your challenges.