SCHANIX is Amick Brown’s answer to Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management. It is a new data analytics tool designed to provide firms with early warning intelligence of embedded risk in sourcing for their product offerings.

SCHANIX builds a number of statistical models of your supply chain tree based on your SCM data.  It uses tree-traversal techniques to go down your supply-chain tree as far as your SCM data allows. Upon these models, SCHANIX lets you perform mathematical optimization for any of the predefined and custom objectives based on a customizable set of constraints. SCHANIX attempts to measure the uncertainty of your supply chain, and find solutions to mitigate any disruptions.

About Supply Chain Risk

Supply Chain risk is a major concern for any manufacturing company. Most companies experience at least a few supply chain disruptions annually, and some lead to significant losses. These disruptions are hard to anticipate, because of the nature of a typical supply chain tree. Predicting disruptions from your immediate vendors is a difficult problem but the complexity of the task is compounded when you must traverse the supply chain tree several levels down to look for trouble.

Many firms still lack commitment to tracking and controlling supply chain due to the cost and complexity. Many favor short-term solutions versus longer-term structural and operational resilience. Larger firms are more likely to manage risk strategically, using a combination of executive governance and/or data-driven methodologies. Yet, much work is needed to leverage available operational data for strategic risk management.

SCHANIX and Product Design

We recognize that supply chain is an integral part of a product’s design, and we have designed SCHANIX to reflect that.

For finished goods that are comprised of assembled products, a product’s design alone can imply 80 percent of its supply chain. SCHANIX builds on the traditional Design for X (DFX) approach by implementing Design for Supply, a technique which examines how to embed supply chain design within a product’s design.

For finished goods that are non-assembled products such as traded goods, SCHANIX can be a valuable tool in assisting firms in value engineering analyses and product value exercises, by flagging those products or product groups that pose high risk given their current sourcing arrangements.

SCHANIX and you

SCHANIX is a work in progress. We are always trying to come up with new models and to fine-tune existing models for better predictions and solutions. To support this development effort, Amick Brown is inviting firms to serve as case-studies with the intention of analyzing a sample of the firm’s transactional data. The data will be used as test data to aid in the development of this innovative tool. In return –

Amick Brown will utilize Schanix to provide a complimentary supply chain risk analysis based on the data provided.

This complimentary consulting will be implemented using Amick Brown’s proven business intelligence framework as a roadmap.

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