With such a powerful product available, SAP HANA, there is still much confusion about the different varieties of HANA. How can you be sure the choice you make is the correct one?

Since we hear this often, I compiled a top shelf view of HANA choices and applications. I have a much deeper view available, so please reach out for Case Studies specific to your situation.


Let’s look at value felt by customers. These are the primary categories that are affected and how you will see benefit.

Value By Business:

  1. Operational Reports, Dashboards & Analytics: Turbo-charge your organization with a reporting solution that provides the in-depth information you need, at the speed you need it.
  2. Data Warehouse and Data Mart: Enable your business users to pinpoint the right information at the right time, accelerate analyses, and see the trends that will help them shape smart business strategies.
  3. Optimizing Business Operations: Respond quickly to changing business requirements and market trends, and develop a competitive advantage for your organization. SAP and partner solutions powered by SAP HANA can play a dramatic role in optimizing business operations.
  4. Big Data: Gain new insights using the SAP HANA platform for Big Data. Acquire a variety of data sources, perform advanced analytics, and deliver new applications to drive performance and gain competitive advantage.
  5. Real-Time Operational Intelligence: Deliver real-time insight to front-line workers by rapidly analyzing data from machines, streaming events, and business operations
  6. Decision Support, Simulation and Automation: Streamline business flow and improve decision support by leveraging advanced analytics to transform insight into profitable actions

If you are confused about which HANA product makes sense, you are not alone. The game changing tech is daunting in its profound abilities, and we are here to start defining success with you.

Value By Product:

  1. SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA: Drive your entire enterprise in real time with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. You can plan, execute, predict, simulate, and analyze almost instantly along business critical end-to-end processes.
  2. SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA: Get rapid access to data with SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. You can lower costs, make better business decisions and drive innovation.
  3. SAP HANA Platform: Utilize new, modern, in-memory platform to streamline, innovate, and transform your business with the SAP HANA Platform
  4. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: Secure a competitive advantage with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. The solution is built for mission-critical operations and offers elasticity, automation, and ease of administration.
  5. SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Build, extend, and run next-generation applications in the cloud for today’s always-on, mobile, social , and data driven world with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Again, this is the tip of the iceberg on defining your HANA environment and business case application. There is much more to follow so you can educate on how to deploy HANA well in your organization. Watch this space!

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Sheri Tate, Director of Marketing