by Sheri Tate – Director of Marketing. Amick Brown

How ready is your organization to take on a culture shift? I am not talking about a new CEO, or a new CIO, or CTO –

Can we talk about the cultural impact of real-time?  Can we discuss adding SAP HANA, Advanced BI tools like Lumira 2.0, or Simple Finance to your processes and abilities, and how this will affect your work culture? Beyond technology readiness, this is a decision factor that must be addressed for success.

Here are some concerns and realities:

  1. Transitioning from IT driven reporting to self service: Deep dive, professional level reports will not go away, but there is a fear within IT that it will. Let’s face it, it has taken years of skill attainment, understanding data extraction, understanding business goals, and intricate graphic building that tell a story to the many.
  2. Conversely, relief from report requests will cause proactivity: Another common conversation is with exasperated IT leaders who are bombarded with reporting requests that tie up their already formidable schedules. It will be a relief to give secure access and self-service so that the business can gather insights on their own.
  3. Dollar ROI aside, HANA creates a chance to strategically shine: Our Managers, IT Leaaders, and Business Leaders were hired for a reason other than to chase R & A. What if we foster a culture of strategy, innovation, and positivity with these skillful folks? Someone who has the drive to think ahead of the next cycle will intuitively find monetized and non-monetized ways to make your company better.
  4. Data is forcibly cleansed : The monkey on many companies’ backs before this transition will be resolved! A major technology shift , disparate systems, and cross departmental capability will cause a data clean-up extraordinaire . It is very, very common for this to be a primary bump in the road to a tech change. You are not alone!
  5. The business units are brought to the tech decision table: Communication challenges lead to communication bliss once the sides understand one another. Having spoken candidly with many, on the tech side and the business side – You Both Want the Same Thing. Devising Change Management communication will change your life .
  6. As well, the tech team is clearly valued in the success of resolving business problems:  Since both sides understand the motivations and skills of each other, symbiosis starts to occur.
  7. Verifiable Accountability : With this new strength in data, speed, and R & A, owning a result is a constant. No more blame, no more delay. However, the positive is these same strengths, give you dramatic strength to run your business more collaboratively, strategically, and skillfully.

So, my friends, as you continue your advanced technology journey – remember that you are not alone. With the many hard and soft considerations, Amick Brown is here to navigate with you. Each situation is unique – and ready to move forward with the correct roadmap and perspective.